Advertisements for the sale of cattle are now running on social media. Given pictures of cows, with weights mentioned. On top of that, there is also an ‘offer’ of special discounts for payments through mobile financial services (MFS). In a few days, many such advertisements were seen, and the price per kg (live weight) of live cows is being demanded from 430 to 500 rupees. On the other hand, the price of beef in the market is 750 to 800 rupees per kg.

So what is the price of meat if a cow buys 430 rupees per kg while it is alive?
Jamalpur Bara Mia Agro is one of the entrepreneurs. Manjurul Islam said in the first light, buyers only buy meat in the market. But the price that is charged while alive also includes the weight of the cow’s skin, belly, head, legs, etc. As such, if the price of ‘live weight’ cattle is Rs 400 to Rs 500 per kg, then the price of meat alone will be Rs 600 to Rs 800 per kg.

Bara Mia Agro is again selling cows through online advertisements. They are keeping the price at Rs 430 to 480 per kg depending on the breed and size of the cow. Of course the associated transportation costs. That, of course, is more or less the distance.

Online cattle trading has become popular in the country during the Corona period. Going to the market, buying cows based on guesswork, bringing two or three people as laborers and bringing those cows home in contrast to these hassles, some people think that buying cows online is hassle-free. For them, online vendors have come up with a new system, which is to tell how much the cow weighs and how many kg it will weigh while alive.

The Department of Livestock and meat traders say meat and bones account for about 55 percent of a cow’s total weight. The remaining 45 percent will be the weight of the liver, skin, abdomen, blood, head, and legs.