Chittagong port has advanced three steps in the global list of container transport. Chittagong Port is now the 64th busiest port in the world. The port was ranked 67th in the list a year ago.

Lloyd’s List, the world’s oldest shipping media based in London, has published this list of the top 100 ports by calculating the number of container traffic of the ports in 2021. The organization published the list yesterday Thursday night.

In 2019, Lloyds List published the global list of container traffic in 2019, Chittagong Port was at the top position. The port was ranked 58th in that list. Then the port stumbled in the container transport during the Corona period. Chittagong Port moved to 67th position after 9 steps in one jump. Although it has not returned to the previous position, it has moved forward.

According to Lloyd’s List data released on Thursday night, 32 lakh 14 thousand single containers were transported through Chittagong port in 2021. Chittagong Port transports these containers through the port’s main facilities, Kamalapur Container Depot and Pangaon Container Terminal. In 2020, this number was 28 lakh 39 thousand single containers. As such, the growth has been 13.20 percent.

When asked, Chittagong Port Chairman Rear Admiral M Shahjahan told Prothom Alo that Chittagong Port has progressed in the ranking with the combined efforts of all. After overcoming Corona, in 2021, ships were jammed in major ports around the world, but not in this port. This means the quality of service in goods transportation has also increased. He said that the Patenga terminal will be opened soon. The bay terminal will be constructed. In the future, this port will advance further in the global rankings.

27 percent of the goods transported through Chittagong port are transported in containers. The remaining 73 percent is transported in non-containerized general vessels. Imports by general vessels (bulk, break bulk and tankers) are mainly cement, steel and ceramic raw materials and stone, coal, consumer goods and fuel oil. And most of the imports in containers are industrial raw materials, commercial goods and consumer goods. Again, the entire export by sea goes in containers. With the increase in the transportation of goods in containers, there is a positive progress in foreign trade.

Although there are several ports in many countries of the world including China and India, only Chittagong port is present in Bangladesh. This is because containers are transported through two ports in the country. Out of this, 98 percent is transported through Chittagong port. Around 2 percent is transported through Mongla port.

Since 2013, Lloyd’s List has been publishing global rankings by calculating the number of container shipments. In 2013, Chittagong was ranked 86th in the world in terms of container transport. After that, this port is gradually moving forward in the global rankings even though it has fallen back two times.

The garment industry is at the forefront of containerized goods transportation. The raw materials of garment industry are imported and exported in containers. When asked to know, the first vice-president of BGMEA, an organization of garment industry entrepreneurs, Syed Nazrul Islam told Prothom Alo, “Government has given incentives to speed up business and trade after corona.” It has increased foreign trade in 2021. We have also progressed in the ranking.

Syed Nazrul Islam also said, ‘Currently, the global crisis is going on. At the same time opportunities are coming for us. Port expansion has become necessary to capture this opportunity. Emphasis should be placed on the implementation of port expansion projects like speedy commissioning of Patenga Terminal, and speedy construction of Bay Terminal. If these projects are done quickly, the port will be able to advance further in the global list. If not, there will be a fear of going backward