On the occasion of autumn Durga Puja, 2 thousand 800 kg of hilsa fish went from Bangladesh to Agartala in Tripura state of India. These hilsa were sent to Agartala in two pickups through Brahmanbaria’s Akhaura land port around two o’clock on Tuesday.

Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar company ‘Fish Bazar’ exported the fish through local C&F agent Khalifa Enterprises.

It has been found that on the occasion of upcoming Durga Puja, the government has given approval to 59 fish exporters across the country to export 50 tons of hilsa. As part of this, 50 tonnes of hilsa will go to Agartala in India through Akhaura land port under the supervision of fish market. The price of hilsa per kg in the Indian market is $10.

According to customs sources, the government stopped the export of hilsa to India after 2012 due to the decrease in the production of hilsa in the country. However, Hilsa was exported to India’s Tripura and West Bengal on the occasion of Durga Puja last year to increase friendship and good relations with neighboring countries. In continuation of this, the government has allowed the export of hilsa to West Bengal and Tripura on the occasion of Puja this year.

Monir Hossain, the C&F businessman of Akhaura land port, told Prothom Alo that the export of hilsa abroad has been stopped for seven years due to the hilsa crisis in the country. However, the government has allowed the export of hilsa to increase friendly relations with the neighboring country India. He thinks that this will increase the commercial relations between the two countries.

Representative of the exporting company C&F Agent Khalifa Enterprise. Shahnewaz Mia said, “On the occasion of Puja, the export of 50 tons of hilsa has been approved through this land port. Today we are sending 2.5 tons of hilsa to Agartala, India out of a shipment of 50 tons. All hilsa in the shipment will be sent to India by September 30.

Revenue Officer of Akhaura Customs. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury told Prothom Alo that hilsa is exported to India every year on the occasion of Puja. This year also 50 tons of hilsa will be exported through Akhaura land port. The government will earn revenue through the export of hilsa.