“Suddenly, the price of oil has increased by 34 rupees. People don’t want to pay rent, they want to kill Divergo, they want to kill Helpergo, I won’t drive like this. Kicking us in the stomach. If the car is driven in this way, the owner will have to pay a loan. Then how will the car run, you just raise the price of oil, we can’t raise it like that.’
Shariful Islam, the driver of Palash Paribahan, who was going from Gazipur to Nabinagar, said the words. Talked to him at Chandna Chowrasta area of ​​Gazipur on Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at 10:30 am today Saturday. Highlighting the ongoing situation, Shariful said, “No matter how much the price of oil increases, we will not pay more fares. Take what was previously rented.’

Gazipur’s Dhaka-Tangail and Dhaka-Mymensingh highways saw less traffic than other days. In the Chandna Chowrasta area this morning, the number of passenger buses is much less than before. The impact of the sudden hike in diesel, petrol and octane prices is evident on the highways. Many people are forced to stop the transport running on diesel. Many passengers have complained about the inconvenience of paying more fares because the bus is less.
Ashraful Islam, a factory worker, traveled from Chandra to Chandana Chowrasta in Gazipur by paying Tk 35 per day. But today the rent is 45 taka. He had an argument with the assistant of the bus driver. In the end, he was forced to pay extra rent. Khairur Islam, another passenger in the same bus, said that he was also demanded Tk 10 more fare in the bus. A quarrel broke out over the matter. Still had to pay five taka more rent.

Abul Kashem, the driver of Janata Express from Gazipur to Tangail, said, “I am waiting for the owner’s decision.” Today (Saturday) is running at the previous fare. If we continue like this, we will lose. If the fare is not increased for this reason, I will not take out the car from tomorrow (Sunday).” said bus driver Atiqul Rahman. He said, ‘The car will run today, the owner will not drive the car with loss. Many cars stopped today. We will take this trip off the car. Later, if the government fixes the new fare, the car will run on that fare.

Rubel Hossain, the driver of Kaliakor Paribahan, said that the price of oil has increased but the fare has not increased. It is not possible to say when it will increase. Many cars charge 10 to 15 taka more. Had to buy oil with more money. There is no way but not to charge more rent.

Sultan Uddin, President of Gazipur District Road Transport Union, said that the number of vehicles on the highway is slightly less due to the holiday. Apart from this, the drivers who did not have oil, may not have gone out with their cars today due to the price increase. So far no instructions have been given to the drivers or owners of the transport regarding the fare.