Along with studying in the university, he used to run here and there on his motorcycle. In news gathering. He has also interviewed the country’s top politicians in professional work. Those interviews and various news were printed in a national English fortnight. Salary was one and a half thousand rupees per month. All of this money is spent on fuel and maintenance of the motorcycle.

After leaving journalism, he worked in three other organizations in less than two years. He tried to do business with friends between jobs but failed. Job, business with friends – when there was no success anywhere, then at one point he went into business alone with empty hands. Capital means a computer, a worker and a little money saved up. In the beginning, he made his own home as a business office. That businessman SM Khaled is an entrepreneur at the forefront of the export-oriented garment industry. SM Khaled, who left journalism 26 years ago with a salary of 1500 taka, is now a successful businessman. In addition to exports, he has developed a clothing retail brand named ‘Sara Lifestyle’ for the local market.

About 16,000 workers currently work in the four garment factories of Snotex Group, built by SM Khaled. Annually, the amount of export of clothes made by his company is 250 million dollars or 2 thousand 125 million taka.

Prothom Alo had a long talk with Snotex Group Managing Director SM Khaled to know the story behind his transformation from a journalist to a successful entrepreneur. It was drizzling outside as businessman Khaled began to recount his day at Snowtex’s corporate office in Mirpur. Sipping the cup of tea, the conversation went on. One by one, SM Khaled talked about his childhood, journalism, running for a job, starting a new business after capitalizing on the experience after the first business failure, his first purchase order, his family, retirement etc.

SM Khaled said, ‘I have never done anything thinking that I have to earn a lot of money. However, I have worked with honesty and integrity from day one in every area of business. Apart from that, I have always given importance to working for my own happiness. I believe that if you are happy you can make others happy. So the goal of my organization is to be happy, to be happy.

People can do what they want to do. There must be a desire for that. And work to do. I didn’t need capital for my business. Gradually that capital came.

Many people get into danger by investing suddenly. In my opinion, one should not invest in the first place. If you want to do business, you have to know that business first. must understand Again, experience and passion are important for business. Another thing to remember is that starting a business is always difficult.

When I first got into the equipment business, I wasn’t looking at profit. I tried to do my job properly. Paid the supplier on time and on time. I believe my work will double my business. I have seen that proof over and over again.