The tea shop of Magura is making people drink tea for free all day on Monday after Argentina won the World Cup. Ibrahim Hossain alias Mohammedan (30). After the start of the World Cup in Qatar, this young man came to the discussion by painting his tea shop in the pattern of the Argentinian flag.

Ibrahim’s house is in Parananduali village of Magura municipality. Although he is a tea seller by profession, he has a deep love for football. He regularly plays in local football tournaments. He has a tea shop in Islampur neighborhood of Magura city. On the occasion of the Football World Cup in Qatar, he painted the store in the pattern of the Argentine flag. This time, after receiving the World Cup trophy in the hands of Messi in the final, he is making the people who come to the shop drink tea for free.

Going to Ibrahim’s tea shop this afternoon, people of different ages have flocked to drink tea for free. Talking to the people present there, it is known that Ibrahim is giving free tea from eight o’clock this morning. He said, ‘After the defeat in the first match with Saudi Arabia, I announced that if Argentina wins the World Cup, I will feed everyone free tea. Every day we take money from people by having tea. I am very happy that Messi won the World Cup. I am feeding tea to everyone with that happiness.

When Ibrahim was born in the nineties. Mohammedan and Abahani were craze in football all over the country then. Because of this, one of Ibrahim’s uncles named him Mohammedan after his birth. Since then, this young man was known to the surrounding people as Mohammedan. On December 1, Prothom Alo published a report on Ibrahim titled ‘Naam Mohammedan, Played Football, Now Chalan Argentine Tea Shop’.

Ibrahim could not give an accurate account of how many cups of tea he gave to people free of charge since this morning. But the other day, from morning to afternoon, he sold two to two and a half thousand taka of tea. A cup of colored tea costs five taka in Ibrahim’s shop. Apart from this, the price of milk tea varies between 10 and 15 rupees. Customers are getting a free cup of tea of any kind throughout the day today. But every cup of tea has to be paid for later.

Magura Young Star Football Academy Director Syed Barik Anzam said Mohamodan is a tea shop but also an accomplished footballer. Mohamedan has been a supporter of Argentina since childhood. Mohammedan was overjoyed when Argentina won. So as per the pre-announcement Mohammedan is offering free tea to all who come to his shop today.