Travelers know him better as ‘Nadir on the Go’. It started as a hobby. Now a full-fledged professional travel blogger. His videos have millions of views. While returning from Maldives to Dhaka, sitting on the plane, he listened to the story of Nadir Nibras after boarding. Leaving Velena International Airport shortly. At such a time, I look at the side and see, Nadir Nibras. Rather than saying the full name, ‘Nadir on the go’ is easier to recognize! There is hardly a Bengali netizen who has not seen his travel videos on social media. After exchanging pleasantries, I learned that we will return on the same flight. I also mastered journalism by talking with Nadir. I mean, I asked for time for the interview back in Dhaka. But he gave a glimpse of the busyness of his days in Dhaka. The interview started on the plane. The talk was floating in the sky!

Nadir was born in Dinajpur. His dentist father AKM Fazlul Karim’s government job. Nadir spent his childhood in the northern district due to his job. He moved to Dhaka with his family after 2000. O and A-levels from an English medium school. He went to the United States to graduate in 2010. He was looking for time to travel after studying. He was associated with various organizations due to his desire to travel. Nadir said, ‘I used to do research. My supervisor was very friendly. He encouraged me to take a few weeks off as he used to take a few weeks off between work. So the movement continued.

Nadir got this addiction to travel from his family, since his childhood, his parents used to take him to travel abroad almost once a year. And within the country we used to go somewhere after two months.’

Nadir graduated in mechanical engineering. He then started his PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Do a Masters in Data Science and Electrical Engineering within the Ph.D. During this time, he used to read various journals about data science and also wrote in data science magazine. Six-seven months ago, he decided not to do the PhD. Now focus only on travel.

This young Bangladeshi is traveling from one country to another because of his travel addiction. But he never thought that he would become a full-fledged travel blogger. On December 17, 2016, Nadir opened a YouTube channel called ‘Nadir on the Go’ and uploaded his first video. It was purely for himself. Another purpose of those video uploads was to show family and friends new places. Nadir said, “I uploaded 25 videos in two years. My channel had only 100 subscribers then. Those are acquaintances. In the next two years, that number will reach 200.

In 2020, Nadir used to sit at home and watch travel videos during the days of the Corona lockdown. Once he saw his old English vlog and made a vlog in Bengali. The views kept increasing while uploading. Nadir’s first Bengali content ‘Visa-free travel to 48 countries on Bangladesh passport’ went viral. This video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube. More views on Nadir’s Facebook page. It was then that Nadir became interested in travel videos. He went out to different parts of the world. Sometimes in the dense forest of Amazon, sometimes in the most beautiful place in Hawaii. Today with a snake in hand, tomorrow with a shark. He uploaded these videos on his YouTube channel. Nadir has multiple channels for publishing videos in Bengali and English.

While making videos, Nadir brought out the history and traditions of each country. And to do that one has to read a lot, before going to a place I read various books about that place. And because of this study, I can add many additional stories to the video.” Due to this information, millions of viewers started watching Nadir’s vlog immediately after it was uploaded. And because of that popularity, Nadir recently received the Blender’s Choice-The Daily Star OTT and Digital Content Award 2021 in the Best Travel Blog category.