According to the government, 40 thousand 91 houses were damaged in Sylhet district. But in reality the number of damaged houses is more, Banvasi people said. Out of this only 6000 houses have received government allocation for reconstruction or renovation. According to the government, only 15 percent of the affected house owners received this grant.

The victims expressed their anger and said that the fences of many houses were swept away by the water. Someone’s fence and tin rice were twisted. Many have given floors. Many houses were completely swept away with tin and poles by the strong current of flood water. Many are not receiving government assistance. Many people are unable to rebuild their houses due to lack of money. In this situation, many are homeless and living in other people’s houses. The house of Dilu Mia (72), a resident of Shimultala Guchchagram of Companyganj Upazila, was destroyed in the flood. Last Sunday afternoon, it was seen that the floor of his house had given way. Part of the fence is broken. Dilu said that he is unable to renovate the house due to lack of money. Despite the need, he did not get any government allocation for building houses.

According to the information of the district administration, the total number of families affected by the flood is 4 lakh 84 thousand 383. 29 lakh 99 thousand 433 people of this family have been affected. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has allocated Tk 5 crore for the construction of damaged houses. Out of the money allocated by the Prime Minister, 10,000 taka has been distributed to 5,000 affected house owners. Apart from this, the government has allocated more than 60 lakh rupees and 2000 bundles of cotton. These money and vouchers have been distributed among 1,000 affected house owners. Under this, each affected house owner received 6 thousand rupees and 2 bundles of cotton.