In Goland upazila of Rajbari, a fish weighing 16 kg was caught in the net of Padma river by fishermen. The fish was caught in Char Daulatdia area outside Padma on Tuesday afternoon. Fisherman Gopal Haldar sold the fish to Alamgir Molla, a fish trader in Daulatdia Ferighat area at the rate of Tk 1,300 per kg for Tk 20,800.

Talking to the local fishermen, it is known that because of the strong current in the Padma river, fishermen are not getting any big fish. Even then, sometimes, along with local people, fishermen from Manikganj, Pabna region catch big fish in their nets.

Fishermen said that Gopal Haldar, a fisherman of Jafarganj area of ​​Manikganj, was fishing in the Padma river with his companions. He threw a net in the estuary of Padma river in Daulatdia area around four o’clock today. He saw a big fish after wrapping the net and taking it to the boat. Later he brought the fish to ferry no 6 in Daulatdia for sale. There, the fish was auctioned by the local art dealer Keshmat Molla. As the highest bidder, Alamgir Molla, a fish trader in Ferighat No. 5 of Daulatdia, bought the fish.

Fish trader Alamgir Molla told Prothom Alo that fisherman Gopal Halder brought the fish to Ferry Ghat No. 6 in Daulatdia in the afternoon. He bought the fish for a total of 20 thousand 800 taka at the price of 1 thousand 300 taka per kg when it was auctioned by local auctioneer Keshmat Molla. Later, he sold the fish for 21 thousand 600 taka at a profit of 50 taka per kg to a well-known businessman in Dhaka.

Gwaland upazila acting fisheries officer. Rezaul Sharif said, usually big fish are caught when the water in Padma or Yamuna river rises. Again, when the water is too low, big fish are caught. However, due to the heavy current in the river, the fishermen are not getting much fish. Even in this, sometimes big pangash, bagar are caught. He thinks that the local fishermen are benefiting a lot from this type of fishing.