Chelsea have confirmed an agreement to sell the club to Todd Boehly. The deal is expected to close on Monday, with Roman Abramovich, the former owner, saying goodbye while handing over custody.
Abramovich wrote on the club’s website: “It has been almost three months since I announced my intention to sell Chelsea FC. During this time, the team worked hard to find the right Chelsea FC custodian who would be best positioned to successfully lead the club into the next chapter.

“Owning this club comes with a lot of responsibility. Ever since I came to Chelsea almost 20 years ago, I’ve seen with my own eyes what this club can achieve. My goal was to make sure the next owner has a mindset which will enable success for the men’s and women’s teams, as well as the will and drive to continue developing other important aspects of the club, such as the academy and the vital work of the Chelsea Foundation.
“I am glad that this search has now come to a successful end. As I hand over Chelsea to the new managers, I want to wish them every success on and off the pitch.”

The billionaire says it was an “honour of a lifetime” to be involved with Chelsea. “I want to thank all the players, staff and of course fans of the club for these incredible years,” he said. “I am proud that as a result of our joint successes, millions of people will now benefit from the new charitable foundation being established. This is the legacy we have created together.