Solar Urya is a renewable energy company in the state of Rajasthan, India. Keshav Prasad, chief executive of the organization, said that Vadla area of ​​the state is almost uninhabitable. The location of this Bhadla area is in a part of Thar desert.

Prasad’s words are also true. According to BBC news, the temperature in Vadla is 50 degrees Celsius. Sandstorms often occur. Living in Vadla is difficult because of this hostile weather and intense heat of the sun. It is also true that solar energy can be produced here using this solar heat. That is, Vadla can be said to be an ideal area for solar power generation.

India has properly utilized the enormous heat of the sun. And so the center of the world’s largest solar power plant is Vadla. Part of this is managed by Prasad Solar Urya.

Vadla has one crore solar panels. These panels have the capacity to generate 2,245 megawatts of electricity through solar energy. It is possible to provide electricity connection to 45 lakh families.

According to Prasad, keeping solar panels clean in sandy and dusty environment is a challenge. However, this solar power plant is easy to operate even though it is bigger than any other type of power plant. He said, solar power plants do not require much equipment. Solar panels, cables, inverters and transformers are required to operate a solar power plant.

In 2018, the work of solar power plant in Vadla was completed. This has created investment opportunities in these remote areas of India.

Mukhtiar Ali, an 18-year-old resident of Bhadla, said, “Most of the boys in my village did not study much. They had no ambition. Our life was confined to the village. Our parents were farmers or cattle rearers. But since the construction of the solar park has started, I have realized that the world is much bigger than my village.

Ali also said, “Many engineers, officials and educated people have visited our villages because of Vadla Solar Park.” These events have changed my outlook on life.” He said, ‘I want to become an officer of Solar Park. Because this officer has power. He is honorable. The officials of this park can bring change in people’s lives.

But not all villagers like Ali are thrilled with the construction of this huge solar park. Most of the park’s 14,000 acres of land is state-owned. But the local farmers used to graze cattle on these lands.

Vadla village head Sadar Khan said, “The livelihood of most of the villagers is to raise cattle.” He said, all government lands have been taken back. We don’t have enough land to graze our cattle. We are able to raise a few cattle.’

Village head Sadar Khan accepted the fact that the solar park will create employment opportunities for the villagers. However, he says, the salary of those working in the solar park is very low. Also there are not many jobs in solar parks for local people. As most of the villagers are illiterate, they are employed only as daily labourers. Khan also complained that many of the local people have not yet received electricity connection. He said, ‘We have the largest solar park. So through this park our lives should change.

Rajasthan Renewable Power Corporation Managing Director Anil disagreed with Dhaka village head Sadar Khan’s allegations. The state-run agency oversees Rajasthan’s renewable power projects.

Anil Dhaka said that big projects like Vadla have reduced the cost of renewable energy production. He commented that the land of Vadla Park is government. He also said that he did not receive any complaint about the land compensation. Investment in solar projects in western Rajasthan has increased land prices and rents. And he thinks that marginal owners have benefited from it.

Anil Dhaka said the reason for not having electricity connection. He said that electricity connection is not easy. The electricity generated at Vadla Solar Power Station is of high voltage. As a result, this electricity cannot be directly supplied to local villages. However, he said, power plants like Vadla have reduced the cost of renewable power generation.