The house is deserted. The owner visits occasionally. Stays two-four days a month. That’s when electricity is used. However, in the month of August, the electricity bill of that house came to Tk 10 lakh 82 thousand 61. The house owner’s eyes widened after receiving the bill paper.

The incident took place in a house of Chatmohar Upazila Sadar under Pabna Palli Vidyut Samiti-1. The house owners and local people have strongly criticized the ghostly bill given by Palli Vidyut Samity. However, Palli Vidyut Samity officials claim that the bill has been prepared by mistake.

As seen in the electricity bill, the name of the owner of the house is Shri Adhir Kumar Sarkar. The electricity bill was created in his name. He used 90 thousand 150 units of electricity in the month of August. The total bill for this is 10 lakh 82 thousand 61 taka. The bill was prepared by Asma Khatun, bill preparer of Pabna Palli Vidyut Samiti-1. And it has been signed by the authority of the Assistant General Manager (Finance).

Adhir Kumar Sarkar’s son Arnab Kumar Sarkar said, they all live in Dhaka including six family members. They come to Pabna’s house for two-three days a month. In the last few months, the average electricity bill has not been more than 1000 rupees. All of a sudden, everyone is shocked to see this bill. Later the matter was reported to the rural electricity office.

Local people claim that Pabna Palli Vidyut Samiti has given bogus bills to customers many times. Mainly because of bill preparation by unskilled people such incidents are happening. However, despite the matter being reported to Palli Vidyut Samiti, no action was taken in this regard.

When contacted to know about this, Asma Khatun, who prepared the bill, said that the bill was prepared by mistake. Humans make mistakes. A little mistake is made when going to work.

General Manager (GM) of Pabna Palli Vidyut Samiti-1. Akmal Hossain said that a show cause notice has been given to the bill maker after learning about the matter. Officials have also been sent to the customer’s home to correct the bill. But the owner did not respond. Basically 862 taka bill came in that meter. Humans make mistakes. There is no exaggerating it.