The quality of animal skin in Bangladesh is good. The supply is also high. But due to the lack of international quality management, the potential of this country’s leather in the world market is not going to be exploited. So our skin is going to the Chinese market at a lower price.

Corona has reduced global demand for leather. So the price of raw hides in the local market has been low for several years. This year the prices were low but the market was disciplined. So far, the news of skin damage has not been heard that way. Earlier, on the day of Eid, everyone used to bring raw hides to Dhaka for sale. This caused a lot of skin damage due to not adding salt in time. But this time the government has launched a campaign to salt it at the local level. That worked.

There is currently a ০ 240 billion leather market worldwide. But due to lack of international standards, we are not getting the desired success in leather exports. Everyone is responsible for it.

The desired quality was not achieved as the tannery was removed from Hazaribagh and the leather of Savar was taken to the industrial city. The Central Waste Treatment Plant or CETP in Shilpnagar is not of international standard. But we do not accept it in any way. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the general facilities of the industrial city including CETP. If this could be ensured, the tannery owners would also be forced to ensure the quality of their factories to capture the international market.

It seems that there is no qualified guardian for the leather industry. The leather industry of the country does not fall into the category of small and cottage industries in any way. For this, the sector needs to be supervised by an organization under the Prime Minister’s Office. At the same time, an effective action plan should be taken by setting time. Then it would not matter to export leather worth 5-10 billion dollars a year.