Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) voting is going on in the Bajrayogini Union Parishad (UP) by-election of Munshiganj’s Sadar Upazila. Voting has started today at eight o’clock in the morning in 9 centers of the union. Voter attendance is low in various centers since morning. Along with that slowness in taking votes in EVMs has been noticed.

Dhamad Govt. Primary School, Atpara Govt. Primary School, Suapara Govt. Primary School, Chudain Govt. Primary School, Ramshing Govt. Primary School centers of the union from morning to 12 noon show very low voter turnout. Many of those who are coming suffer because their fingerprints do not match while voting in the EVMs.

Talked to Noor Jahan Begum at Dhamad Government Primary School around 10 am. He said, “There is no problem at the center. I came in the morning and am standing in the line. At around 11 o’clock in the afternoon, I spoke to the young voter Sohana Nipa at Atpara Government Primary School. He said there were doubts about the peaceful polls. But voted for the preferred candidate without any trouble.

At around 12 noon, a young voter named Sihab Sagar, a voter of Ramshing Government Primary School, said that he had come to vote for the first time in his life. It is very difficult in the heat from the line. But the polling environment is good.
The elderly voters of Vajrayogini Union face a lot of problems to vote in EVMs. Noor Nahar Begum, a voter of Dhamad Government Primary School, said around nine in the morning, “I stood in line for an hour and voted for my favorite candidate.” However, it was difficult to match fingerprints in the EVM.

Sahera Banu (60) and Shukkuri Begum (62) of Chudain Government Primary School said that they had never voted in the machine before. After entering the center, the fingerprint machine did not match. After wiping the finger with the liquid, the impression is taken for five minutes. They did not know how to vote. People in charge of the center have taught them to vote. That’s how they voted.

Rehana Begum, a voter of Suapara Government Primary School, said that she had voted many times earlier. This is his first vote in the machine. He didn’t know what to do. But the people of the center taught him.