Five best taxpayers have been selected in the lawyer category for the tax year 2021-22. They are Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas, Ahsanul Karim, Taufika Aftab, Nihad Kabir and Abu Mohammad Amin Uddin. Fazle Noor Tapas is currently the Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation and Amin Uddin Attorney General.

Among the other three, Ahsanul Karim is a senior advocate of the Supreme Court. And Toufika Aftab is also associated with the legal profession. Apart from this, Nihad Kabir is the former president of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. According to the list, two of the top five lawyers are women and three are men. All the five lawyers selected as the best taxpayers are tax payers of Dhaka Tax Zone-8.

As per the National Tax Card Policy 2010 (Revised), NBR has released the list of 141 best taxpayers including 5 lawyers in the ‘lawyers’ category for the tax year 2021-22. In the meantime, the official gazette has also been published. This information was obtained from there. NBR will officially award the best tax payers and give tax cards.

According to NBR sources, Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas, Ahsanul Karim, Toufika Aftab and Nihad Kabir have been selected as the best taxpayers for several years. The Attorney General has joined them again this year.

Since 2016, NBR has been giving tax cards and awards to the best taxpayers. NBR will give 141 tax cards to various individuals and organizations as the best taxpayers. Among them there are 76 individuals, the rest are institutions. The institutions include banks, non-banking financial institutions, telecommunications, engineering, food and accessories, energy, jute, spinning and textiles, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, print and electronic media, housing, ready-made garments, leather and other sectors.