The Jatiya Party (Japa) is now strongly criticizing the government on various issues, including opposition to the use of EVMs in the upcoming parliamentary elections. However, the main sponsor of the party, Roshan Ershad, suddenly took a stand in favor of the government and the Election Commission on EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines).

Roshan, who is undergoing treatment in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, said in a video message that elections are going on in EVMs all over the world. He too will be elected through EVM.

Multiple sources in Japa believe that Roshan Ershad is going beyond the declared position of the party, through the activities he and his followers are trying to get the sympathy and favor of the government. Besides, he (Roshan) also aims to put pressure on Japa chairman GM Quader to lose his position and bring back some of the expelled leaders to the party.

The video message recorded by Roshan was broadcast by his followers in a press conference at a hotel in Purana Paltan of the capital on Thursday morning. Earlier on August 30, Roshan announced himself as the convener of the Japa conference preparation committee, which created a lot of controversy and division in the party. As a result of this, Japa’s parliamentary party decided to remove him from the post of opposition leader in the national parliament and replace him with deputy leader GM Quader. JAPA informed the Speaker of this decision on September 1. However, months have passed and it has not yet been implemented. In the meantime, Roshan said in a video message that he is now ‘very healthy’ and will return to the country this October.

His political secretary Golam Masih held a press conference yesterday to talk about the conference that Zapar called on November 26 by sending a notice to the media from Roshan Bangkok Hospital. Former Japa leaders Delwar Hossain Khan, SMM Alam, Ziaul Haque Mridha, MA Gofran, Zafar Iqbal Siddiqui, Nurul Islam, Fakhruzzaman Jahangir, Iqbal Hossain and Kazi Mamunur Rashid were present in it. None of these leaders have held any position in Japa for a long time.

According to the responsible sources of Japa, Roshan has made Golam Masih the member secretary of Japa conference preparation committee. But the group does not even have primary membership of Messiah. All of the rest have been expelled or exempted from the team. Others have dropped out of party positions or have not been active in politics for a long time.

Roshan Ershad, who is undergoing treatment in Bangkok, said in a video message, “I will definitely hold the next election.” Jatiya Party has never boycotted elections. I will vote even if it is EVM. Elections are now going on in EVMs all over the world. EVM (elections) will be held in our country, it is not a new thing. Of course I will vote through EVM.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Roshan Ershad said, ‘I know that elections will be held, good elections will be held and they will work for the progress of the country – those who will win. The countrymen will surely be fine.

However, the Jatiya Party led by GM Quader has been opposing the use of EVMs. Japa chairman GM Quader also expressed fear about EVMs yesterday. After an event at Lalmonirhat, in response to the questions of the journalists, he said, “It is not possible to trust the vote of the EVM machine.” There is a risk of vote theft in EVMs. Because, those who will work behind the EVM machine, they cannot go beyond the instructions of the government. They can try to publish the results that the government wants.