Dhaka South City Corporation has announced a budget of 6 thousand 741 crore 28 lakh taka for the financial year 2022-23. The target of getting 70% of the announced budget, i.e. 4 thousand 718 crores, from the government has been fixed. However, the organization has received only 10 percent of the amount (4 thousand 829 crores) from the government in the previous financial year, i.e. 527 crores.

Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas announced this budget in Nagar Bhaban Mayor Mohammad Hanif Auditorium on Thursday afternoon. At this time, he said that if the allocation in the national budget is more, they will implement more, and if it is less, they will get less. However, they no longer look at government grants. Continuing development activities with own funding.

In response to a question from the journalists in this regard, the mayor said that he has done all the benefits he has been able to give to the citizens with his own funds. Although the project was not approved by the government, he spent 150 crore rupees and worked on the development of sewerage and infrastructure. Although projects have been sent to the government to rehabilitate canals to alleviate waterlogging, they are already continuing to maintain canals from their own funds.

Earlier, the fifteenth corporation board meeting of the second council of the corporation held on July 26 approved the budget for the new financial year. Councilors of general and reserved wards of the organization are members of the board meeting.

While announcing the budget, Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas said that this is the first time in the history of the City Corporation that they have collected a record amount of revenue. For example, in the last financial year, against the services of the citizens, they have collected 833 crore 49 lakh rupees from various sectors. The previous year the revenue was 703 crore 31 lakh taka. Revenue collection is increasing every year. In the current financial year, the mayor of the southern city has expressed the hope of collecting thousands of crores of revenue.

Stating that revenue collection has increased due to taking a strict stance against corruption, the mayor of South City said that he has been able to provide a strong administrative system to the people of Dhaka. Reduce waste. Good governance has been established in the southern city due to various initiatives.

The Shishu Park has been closed since 2017. Mayor Tapas told reporters that the Shishu Park has not been opened due to project approval complications. He said that he has taken the initiative to launch it within the next two years.

He said that the development work of Osmani Udyan next to the city building has not been completed till now, due to negligence and negligence of the contractor, the work has not been completed even after so many days. However, they have taken the initiative to finish the rest of the work. He said that the rest of the work will be completed within this year. It should be noted that the development work of Osmani Udyan started in December 2017. The work was supposed to be completed in December 2020.

In response to another question from the journalists, Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapos said that he has taken various initiatives to build a dynamic Dhaka. In this, the implementation of bus route rationing has started. 40% of people in South City Corporation area are moving on foot. 50% of people are working on the goal of walking. He also said that within the next three years, Buriganga Adi Channel will be opened to the public.

South City Chief Executive Officer Farid Ahmed, Panel Mayor Shahid Ullah Minu and President of the Standing Committee on Finance and Organization Mohammad Salim were present during the budget announcement. Apart from this, officers and councils of various departments of the organization were present in the audience.