Member Secretary of Gana Odhikar Parishad and former VP of DAKSU Nurul Haque said that corruption is not only in railway and electricity sector, but all sectors are immersed in corruption. The government has given a hurricane by hanging the radish of development. Now waiting for the bamboo to be handed over. The people have to decide whether they will hand over the bamboo before it is handed over to them.

Nurul Haque said these things at a protest rally organized by the Bangladesh Jubo Odhikar Parishad at the National Press Club of the capital on Tuesday against the unlimited looting of the power and energy sector and the corruption and mismanagement of the railways. He said that the government is showing the development of hypocrisy. The government has been saying for a long time that it will export electricity. Production is exceeding capacity. Then there is electricity surplus. But why loadshedding?

Complaining that the government is cheating the people, former VP of Daksu Nurul Haque said that the people are the victims. Quick has been robbed in the name of Quick Rentals. Capacity charges of thousands of crores are being paid for this project, which is going into the pockets of government party mafia.

Commenting that the law and order situation of the country has collapsed, Nurul Haque said that the values ​​of the society are deteriorating. Minorities are being attacked in various places. There is no trial. He demanded a judicial inquiry into these incidents. He also said that the government has been ruling for the last 13 years with Gonjamil. The people will have to decide whether they will be allowed to pass through this mess in the coming days or not.

Nurul Haque said, if the opposition parties come to the streets after understanding each other, then the ruling party’s dream of staying in power will turn into a nightmare. He called for the government to resign and hand over power to an interim government.