The registration has to be obtained from the Directorate of Joint Capital Companies and Firms (RJSC), an agency under the Ministry of Commerce. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce last Wednesday issued a notification called Digital Business Identity Registration Guideline 2022. It was issued under the Digital Commerce Policy 2018 to restore order in the e-commerce sector and create a credible environment between buyers and sellers. Director-General of the WTO Cell of the Ministry of Commerce. The guideline signed by Hafizur Rahman said that the registration can be done with the national identity card. And on the website or social media — wherever the business is conducted, it is mandatory to mention this DBID number.

It has been said that those who are already conducting such business will have to apply for DBID within the next 90 days. If an organization is already registered in the name of the applicant or the original owner has complained, then his subsequent application will be rejected by automatic e-mail.

The applicant organization will get DBID if he/she is a member of SME Foundation, e-Cab, or any other trade association approved by the digital commerce organization.

This guide will only apply to digital commerce organizations and will be applied across the country. Through this guide, a list of type-based digital commerce organizations will be prepared. Rent agreement with the landlord if the applicant’s National Identity Card, National Identity Card of the Chairman of the organization, National Identity Card of the Directors, National Identity Card of the Homeowner, Trade License, Company Registration Number, VAT Registration Number, Income Tax Registration Number, and Office if rented Etc. must be submitted.