Sajid Javid has said he wants the government to do “more on tax cuts”, adding to Boris Johnson’s pressure from senior Conservatives following the damaging uprising under his leadership.

The health secretary said he thought Conservative MPs were willing to go behind the prime minister, and argued that it would be “very unfair” to change the rules to allow another vote on his expulsion.

But he also raised his voice for other senior Tories calling for tax cuts, which Johnson had promised and addressed his Deaths in an attempt to save his leadership on Monday.
When he was accused of raising the overall tax burden, he mentioned the challenges of the pandemic. But he said: “But I want to see cuts where possible. And I know that this is something that the government is taking seriously and I know that it is something that the Chancellor will look at. ”

Johnson and his chancellor, Rishi Sunak, will give a speech on the economy next week, but it is not clear that they will outline any specific or immediate tax cuts rather than setting a broad direction of travel.

Source no. It is clear that economic talk would not include new personal tax cuts as many backbenchers have claimed, saying: “It will not be fiscal. It’s a very difficult balance because while everyone wants to cut taxes, we also need to be fiscally responsible, ”the source said.

A high-profile Deaths string, from Steve Baker on the party’s right wing to Damian Green on the left, on Monday backed a fresh demand from the Adam Smith Foundation for the government to reduce the tax burden.

From Monday’s vote, which Johnson won 211 votes to 148, he has been trying to draw a line about dissatisfaction in his party. However, some critics of his leadership promised to continue to oppose him and discussed pushing for changes to the 1922 Backbench Committee rules to allow another vote of confidence within the next 12 months