Midland Bank Limited (MDB) has launched two new deposit schemes to mark its ninth anniversary. These schemes were recently inaugurated in the board room of the bank’s head office. The two schemes are MDB Double Benefit Plus Scheme and MDB Salam Double Benefit Plus (Islamic Banking Products) Scheme.

The bank’s managing director was present at the opening ceremony. Ahsan-uz Zaman, Deputy Managing Director. Zahid Hossain, head of the bank’s retail distribution department. Senior managers of the bank including Rashed Akter, Manager of Islamic Banking Department Syed Sakibuzzaman.

He thanked all the customers, shareholders, regulators and employees of the bank for launching two new deposit schemes. Ahsan-uz Zaman. “We are always at the forefront of service and product innovation,” he said. Today we are very happy to launch two new products. Customers will be able to open two savings accounts at any time from any branch, sub-branch, agent banking center as well as the bank’s internet banking application Midland Online.

Ahsan-uz Zaman further said that MDB has always been playing a leading role in implementing technology based solutions. The bank offers multiple customized solutions to meet different types of banking needs of its valued customers. The new scheme is a new addition to the technological advancement of the two banks.